Wednesday 4 July 2012


Hi everyone, is it Wednesday again already?? I haven't had chance to do any crafting for a couple of days...Mondays are always busy with Slimming World group and then the weekly shop and yesterday was spent making sure my daughter Rachel had all the last minute bits she needed for her holiday to Crete, followed by line dancing, pick up her friend, home for tea and take to the airport. Luckily she was flying from the airport 5 minutes down the road...Anyway, whilst looking for her personalised luggage strap in the loft my lovely hubby unearthed something which hasn't seen the light of day for many sewing machine...I just shocked myself (no not with dodgy electrics!), I remembered how to refill the spool, refit it and rethread...good job really as I've no idea where the instructions are...Anyway, enough waffle, you want to see a piccie...
 And here's a scrap of card I've been playing with...I'm trying to get the tension right...I'll have to keep fiddling but any tips would be gratefully received...
 Thanks for looking, I'm going to have a look what everyone else is up to now over at Julia's place (WOYWW 161).

Happy crafting
Helen xx


  1. Woohoo - the sewing machine sees the light of day again!! Never mind about card, have a look at where there are loads of free patterns and get some fabric! If you're altering the bobbin tension, do it in really teensy steps - that is JoZart's advice and she used to work for Janome.
    Hugs, LLJ #60 xx

  2. Well done for getting the sewing machine out again. I still keep deliberating on whether to get one (got rid of the old one years ago). Thanks for your comment on my blog. Thanks for sharing your workspace with us. Hope you have a good week. Hazel WOYWW #20 x

  3. my tip would be never touch the will never be the same again LOL! Using a sewing machine is like riding a bike, you might need to oil it if it has been sitting around. You can take it it to a sewing machine shop to have it oiled and adjust the tention if you can't get it right. Have fun with your new-old machine! happy woyww
    lindsay #18

  4. Hope you are better with a sewing machine than I am, cant remember the last time mine saw the light of day, just hate sewing so only ever do it if its absolutely desperate.

  5. Hi Helen, another sewing machine to make me feel guilty ... I'd love to use mine on projects but I can't seem to sew a straight line ... I should do what you are doing and practice with scraps first :) Look forward to seeing how you get on with yours. Happy WOYWW, Elizabeth x #85

  6. Ohh I wish your daughter had a space in her case for me, I'd love some warm sunshine right now!!! Hope she has a great holiday.
    Have fun with your rediscovered sewing machine. Mine is at the back of a cupboard somewhere, I'm hopeless with it!!
    Happy WOYWW and thanks for the visit.
    Hugs Lisax #91

  7. good luck with your machine they're so alien to me! lol
    TFS Happy WOYWW xx Charlie.xx #72

  8. I have just hopped from another post which had a sewing machine in the work space! I must try to sew using the machine. I am quite confident with material but scared of sewing on card. Just followed, will pop back again. jenx

  9. You are the second post in a row that has a machine out. TI think it is a great idea to have one up and out, threaded up and ready to go!


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