Wednesday 5 September 2012


Hi everyone, Wednesday's seem to come round so fast! Here's what's on my workdesk this morning...
The most important thing, breakfast and a cuppa. Just have to have a cuppa while I browse the blogs in a morning...Breakfast is mini chocolate weetabix, sliced banana and coconut fat free greek yoghurt...

On this part of my desk I have bits laid out for a card I'm working on. Can't say too much just yet but the recipient should be on their way to Italy so shouldn't see this...
Here you can see 8x8 card blanks and some 12x12 papers I'm using for this project. You can also see my ink basket and my tool tidy...oh and don't forget the kitchen roll..

Here's a closeup of the flowers and bits I'm tinkering with. There's some silver ribbon in the bottom corner.

Whilst I was taking the photos my little friend, Lisa, appeared to ask for a Bonio...
Well you can't say no to those eyes can you?

Last week I showed a side view of a wedding card. If you would like to see the finished article it's here.

Thanks for visiting, I have to go sort the bath out now. Unfortunately we had a disaster at the weekend when the shower screen decided to shatter, all on it's own with no-one about....last night it decided it was time to continue it's journey into the bath so I now have a bath full of shattered glass to deal with...hopefully the replacement will be here in the next couple of days...

I also have a golf tournament to attend. It's in memory of my first husband and takes place every year. I present the prizes and have been invited for lunch, along with Alan's parents. I'm hoping to manage to fit in some blog hopping in between.

See you again soon, if you've never seen WOYWW before hop over here and see what it's about.
Happy crafting
Helen xx



  1. Breakfast looks delicious and will have set you up for the busy day you have planned. Your desk looks organised - pretty flowers. And Lisa is a pretty name for your dog who seems to have mastered the begging look to perfection :) Good luck with the golf tournament - sounds like a happy/sad occasion so I hope all goes well. Happy WOYWW, hope you have a lovely week. Elizabeth x #90

  2. Oooh, I love those greek yoghurts too...yum. They need to expand their flavour range as I'm not keen on the cherry variety and there's only two other flavours ( in the Muller Lights one anyway)
    Your dog..those eyes.. how soulful and appealing are they?? I bet you can't resist giving her anything when she looks at you like that!
    Hugs, LLJ #81 xx

  3. I'm a toast kind of girl for breakfast. Lots of crafting fun happening at your desk , happy crafting jill#78

  4. OOoh...breakfast looks scrumptious! And all the fun on your desk looks awesome too! Have fun at the golf tourney!!

    Amy E. #36

  5. That breakfast looks great! Love your furry friend.
    Happy belated WOYWW!
    Tertia #70

  6. Breakfast sounds yummy! What a great, productive workdesk - love your marker storage... and no, I couldn't refuse a Bonio to that expression either!! Hope things get sorted with your glassy bath... and belated happy WOYWW!
    Alison x


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