Wednesday 20 June 2012


Good morning, it's Wednesday again so it's time for WOYWW 159.

I'm working on a Ferrari card at the moment and I'm not entirely happy with the colour of the image yet so I'm trying a different paper to see if I can get it any better...

 There's a pile of paper packs in the corner cos we've been trying to find a paper which the laser printer likes...easier said than'll also spot some images I've been playing with...
 You can also see the software I got free with Simply Cards and Papercraft magazine this month. Here's the card I made last night, see previous post for details.
 I was making sure that all the glue was thoroughly set before I put it in a cello bag and add it to my box, which you'll see perched on my printer in the next shot...
 Thanks for visiting, now I'm going to have a look what everyone else has on their desks. See you soon.

Happy crafting
Helen xx


  1. Hi Helen,
    I am new to WOYWW and am browsing through some of the talented people posting. I have to say I'm impressed with your tidy work space!!!! I always end up with about an inch of space to work with everything piled up around me!!
    Have a great crafting week
    X Julie

  2. Wow! Your space is ever so tidy and organised!

    Happy WOYWW

    Zoe #57

  3. Wow this is a proper workspace, lucky you. Nice and organised.
    Famfa 117

  4. Hi Helen

    I am not sure if I posted that last comment as it all went a bit strange. I hope I am not repeating myself.

    I love the colour of your very neat and tidy craft room. I know what you mean about how different papers can dramatically change how ink colours appear. I sprayed 3 tags with the same inks but the tags were all different card stock. It was amazing how different they all turned out. Hope you find the right card.

    Hugs from Helen 107

    P.S. Please pop to see Angenita (89) as she could do with a WOYWW hug today (pass it on)

  5. Love the card you made last night. Very organised desk. I've got the stamps that you are using - hope you find some paper you are happy with for the car. Thanks for sharing your workspace with us. Hope you have a good week. Hazel WOYWW #87 x

  6. Fabulous colouring and your desk is soooo tidy
    Sophie no.93

  7. Fab work going on - thanks for sharing.

  8. Love your patriotic card. BJ#47

  9. O my word you are sooooo tidy I love it!!! your space is fab.. love the card!! Have a happy week, Hugs May x x x#62

  10. You desk is so neat and clean!! Awesome! I love the color of your room too!

    Amy E. #17

  11. What a tidy desk the tea pot card.#9

  12. You are so neat and tidy...the flag themed card is just so cute and the Ferarri is looking good to me!

  13. happy WOYWW! oh wow, all that free space for crafting is turning me green! wonderful space!
    hugs, #15 peggy aplSEEDS

  14. Lovely crafting space all neat and tidy. Love your card what I could see of it.

    Happy crafting this week
    Eliza #164

  15. Gracious, my room looks like a paper factory if theres any sort of issueovprinting, how controlled you are!!


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