Wednesday 22 August 2012


Hi everyone, Wednesday again already! Time to share what's on your work desk...

I'm working on some DT projects, hence the back to front can't see that till next week...

 I've zoomed in a little, just enough to see a bit more but not too much. I'm trying out a new Joanna Sheen stamp...
Here you can see the pile of debris from making a couple of Christmas cards. Must sort it soon cos I keep losing my tools under bits of card, it's driving me mad, I prefer it tidy now....
And here's a part of my craft room I don't usually show, covered in post it notes! You can also see the note book I use for writing down challenges as I see them. I also have a new magazine with some free stamps and papers. Right, I'm going to see what everyone else is up to over at Julia's place.

Thanks for dropping by, see you again soon, I hope.

Helen xx



  1. Good old post it notes - so useful! Thanks for visiting and leaving me a comment, Helen. The brushes are good for a subtle look - I bought them from Joanna Sheen. The only thing I've found is that they don't really clean (although it says they6 clean just with water), so I'm tending to use each one for different colours - I've got three, but think I need more now. Thanks for sharing your workspace. Hope you have a good week. Hazel WOYWW #8 x

  2. Looks like you are having fun on the desk this week ! Loads of colourful pens you have ! Hope you find your stuff under the Christmas card debris ! Ali #54

  3. Colour, creativity, trying to think of another "c" word to fit in but failing.... A lovely busy desk! Happy WOYWW! Victoria no.87

  4. that's an impressive array of pens in the background - you must have every colour available. Post-its are essential tools of the trade - wouldn't be without them :) Happy WOYWW, Elizabeth x #105

  5. Can't believe the year has flown by so quick that peeps are now saying the C word more & more, let alone making the cards!
    Still to be prepared isn't a bad thing!
    Thanks for the desk peek
    Hugz Minxy #78

  6. That Christmas word is popping up over and over this week!!! I have started on my cards too..if not I feel too rushed to enjoy the holiday season!
    Great busy desk...will watch to see the unfurling of the design team work.

  7. oh wow look at those neat pens and magazine oh not long now :)
    Hugs Kate x

  8. Your desk is so fun. I feel inspired just looking. You have a lovely blog, I am a new follower. So glad I stopped by on my first WOYWW. Frances #127

  9. What a great crafting space..#138

  10. Lots of fun stuff going on with you! I see you are a Copic fan too!! Love those!!!

    Jeannie #62

  11. Oh my goodness, you already have a start on your Christmas cards?!?! Good for you!! I'll probably wait until the last minute again and then give up!! Hahaha!

    Amy E. #3

  12. Another one thats making C cards!! You guys are starting to make me scared. I am not ready, OK!!!
    Love your desk though and even though I hate losing my tools too, it always seems to lookl like that over here.
    Happy belated WOYWW!
    Tertia #52

  13. Well I see you pile of post Christmas bits, I hear your comment about losing tools and PING! I realise why I've acquired so many pairs of tweezers and scissors..revelation! still won't make me tidy up any more often I doubt!

  14. great looking desk...nice and tidy for the most part and so very creative. Sorry I am so late getting around but it is what it is with family, crafts, etc. time can sometimes become a premium! Have a great week and thanks for sharing. Vickie #68

  15. omg, omg,,,,,I want a room so,,,,,I want i want,,,,,,,,invite me.


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